Your trusted fence manufacturer in China
More Than 23 Years of Fence Factory with Complete High-quality Fence Machining, Inspection Equipments and
ISO 9001: 2015 certificates in China.
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WE are Your Wire Mesh Fencing Manufacturing Partiner.
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Your Professional Fence Manufacturer and Supplier

  • Over 20 years of wire mesh fence manufacturing experience.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • All anlonfence™ wire mesh fence products use first-class raw materials, and hot-dip galvanized to resist rust.
  • Fast and reliable shipping and Value-added fabrication processes
  • Fully support your new wire mesh fence design development.

All Types of Fence to Support Your Project and Business

As a professional fence manufacturer and factory in China, Anlonfence has been in the wire mesh fence industry for over 20 years.

We manufacture and supply all types of metal fences made of materials like chain link fence, welded mesh fence panel,358 wire fence, field fence, temporary fence roll, gabion box, metal fence systems, and more.

Varieties of metal fences of high quality are available here. Choose us to use the long-lasting metal fence to protect your property.

Security Fence to Rocket Your Business

Temporary fence

Anlonfence is a leading fence manufacturers and suppliers in china.Temporary fence is used to temporarily protect and control personnel, vehicles and goods

Crowd Control Barrier

Crowd control barriers are fences used in small or large events to guide people to the desired location. For example, sporting events, parades, assemblies, demonstrations, and outdoor festivals, (temporarily) close roads. Crowd control barriers provide clear separation lines and additional safety.

Cattle Panel

Choose our high-quality wholesale corral board products at the best price from a certified corral board manufacturer in China.

Welded Wire Mesh Panel (3D)

Anlonfence™ Can produce custom welded wire mesh panels,we offer a wide range of welded utility mesh panel solutions

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence is also called wire mesh fence. The installation of a chain-link fence involves setting posts into the ground and attaching the fence to them. Chain link fence is one of the most practical fence styles, relatively easy to install, and very cost-effective.

Gabion Box

Gabion baskets are rectangular baskets made with galvanized wire through woven or welding by machining. Gabion baskets are used for slope support, foundation pit, mountain rock hanging mesh, slope vegetation, railway and highway isolation for fencing.

Anlonfence™ - Your best one-stop fence manufacturer and supplier in China

Whether you need fences for your brand or fencing supplies for your projects, Anlonfence can always satisfy your different needs.

Anlonfence is one of China’s best wire mesh fence manufacturers. The fence manufacturer’s direct supply carries various types of farming fencing and commercial fences, such as Temporary Fence, Crowd Control Barrier, Cattle Panel, Welded Wire Mesh Panel, Chain Link Fence, Gabion Box. Other types of fencing include stocks field fences, poultry netting or chicken wire, horse fences, hi-tensile wire, smooth merchant wire, barbed wire, hardware cloth, posts, and all the accessories needed to install these different types of fencing.

We can send the fence product certificate and test report before shipping the goods. Ensure that you get high-quality and reliable fence products to guarantee your project.

Why Anlonfence is Trusted by Global Leading Brand
-Over 300 Clients

wire mesh fence iso
TUV and ISO Certification

All your wire mesh fences can meet the ISO certifications, and we have the ISO 9001, CE, TUV Rheinland certifications. Our fence factory is verified by TUV and has been a golden fence supplier for five years in china.

High quality and durable

Anlonfence provides a market-leading quality warranty for our products, especially for the fracturing fluid ends. We are confident in the quality of our products because of the quality manufacturing process and rigorous product testing.


An Eco-Conscious Environmentally Aware Company with lean fence manufacturing practices. We aim to use the best technologies and materials available to guarantee sustainable development.

Global reach
Global reach

Anlonfence is the leader in fencing systems. We provide perimeter security solutions worldwide and complete turnkey projects with the same reliability.

Why choose Anlonfence™ for Fences, Gates and Railing

Quality Fences at Affordable Cost

Whatever your fencing budget, our fence company has many options for you. We can meet your needs, from a simple chain-link fence for your backyard or commercial property to custom-designed ornamental aluminum or steel fencing while keeping prices highly affordable and competitive.

Reliable and Professional

We are the actual company, and we are dedicated to win-win. We offer the wire mesh fence products exactly you want. Our customers are our number one priority. We ensure that the solutions developed by our team of specialists are the most suitable to the specific needs.

The Anlonfence Guarantee

Direct manufacturers supply fences and fence supplies. You can expect to get high-quality vinyl fencing products at a competitive price.

fence manufacturer

Fence manufacturer case

Temporary Fence
Temporary Fence
chain link fence
Chain Link Fence
Crowd Control Barrier
Crowd Control Barrier



    Do you have any MOQ for your Fence Order?

    Usually, we don’t have a minimum order quantity, and we can manufacture fences starting from 50 pieces.

    Can I get free samples of fence materials?

    If you need, our fence factory can give you priority to provide you with high-quality free samples according to the actual project so that you can better confirm the quality of our fence products.

    What sets Anlonfen Fence apart from the competition?

    Anlonfence has been providing quality fence and fence supplies since 1998. With over 20 years of combined experience in the industry, our family-owned and operated company offers excellent customer service and has an expansive in-stock inventory.

    Can I change the payment term?

    T/T, Western Union, Western Union, Paypal are acceptable for further cooperation. Other payment

    Do you have any technical support?

    Anlonfence has technical support to help make sure all our customers’ questions are answered quickly and efficiently. Whether you have an issue with your fence or a question about one of our other products, we have you covered.

    How can I request a quote for your fences and fencing supplies products?

    Visit our Request A Quote to fill out a short form about your project’s specifications, and we will respond with your quote as soon as possible!

    Do you have any custom services?

    We have a custom fabrication shop for custom-made fence and fencing supplies. Give us a call today for more information. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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