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As one of the leading temporary fence manufacturers in China, Anlonfence can sign an NDA with you before sending CAD files. Before delivery, we will test the temporary fence about 5 times. After completing the fence test report, we will send a temporary fence test report for your approval

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Anlonfence is a Professional Manufacturer of 358 Security Fence

If your new project or production needs to make Australia temporary fence, Anlonfence will be your best choice for making temporary fences here.

Anlonfence is one of the best temporary fence suppliers. All our production processes have strict quality inspections. We will provide competitive prices according to your project.

Anlonfence will work with our professional engineer team to provide you with professional advice based on your project needs. If you are in the design and preparation stage, then Anlonfence will 100% support your Australian temporary fence plan.

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Panel wire: Q195 & Q235 Low carbon wire
Post: hot dipped galvanized tube, no coated tube
Bolts: M8 anti-vandal steel or stainless steel
Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated, Powder-coated
Color: Green, black, yellow, white, blue, etc.
Processing of welded wire mesh fence:
Material – Straightening & cut wire – Welding – Galvanizing – Powder coating – Packaging
Accessories: post caps, clips or flat bar, nuts and bolts
Packaging: pallets
Certificates: ISO9001

Specifications of 358  Security Fence

Panel Size
(Height × Width)
Fence Post
(Height × Size × Thick )
Clamp Bar
(Height × Width × Thick )
Inter or corner Clamp No (PCS)
2007mm ×2515mm2700mm ×60×60×2.5mm2007mm×60mm ×5.00mm7 or 14
2400mm× 2515mm3100mm×60×60×2.5mm2400mm×60mm ×5.00mm9 or 18
2997mm×2515mm3800mm×80×80×2.5mm2997mm×80mm ×6.00mm11 or 22
3302mm ×2515mm4200mm×80×80×2.5mm3302mm×80mm ×6.00mm12 or 24
3607mm ×2515mm4500mm×100×60×3.0mm3607mm×100mm×7.00mm13 or 26
3607mm ×2515mm4500mm×100×100×3.0mm3607mm×100mm×7.00mm13 or 26
4204mm × 2515mm5200mm×100×100×4.0mm4204mm×100mm×8.00mm15 or 30
4496mm × 2515mm5500mm×100×100×5.0mm4496mm×100mm×8.00mm16 or 32
5207mm ×2515mm6200mm×120×120×5.0mm5207mm×100mm×8.00mm18 or 36

*Customized color and size are available; OEM orders are welcomed!

358 anti-climb security fence features:
* Anti-climb: The opening holes are so small that even fingers cannot penetrate in.
* Anti-cut: Boltcutter and wire cutter cannot make themselves through the narrow holes. Therefore  358 security fences won’t destroy the wall.
* Strong welded point: The welded joints are fixed firmly, won’t split by natural human and natural force.
* Smooth surface: The panel finish surface is well-proportioned for a decorative effect.
* Durable: The panel sheet is galvanized uniformly and PVC coated, ensuring a long service life.

358 anti-climb security fence is a high secure fence, suitable places include:
* Prison.
* Shipping port.
* Military sites.
* Warehouse.
* Detention center.
* Power plant.

358 security fence, called “358 anti-climbing security fence”, is a high-security anti-climbing and anti-cut welding wire fence. The orifice cannot be cut with fingers or with a finger cutter. It is widely used in areas of private life that require high security.
The 358  high-security fence named comes from the size of the panel net port and the diameter of the wire: 3″×0.5″×8 specifications, which is equivalent to: 76.2mm×12.7mm×4mm. As a welding wire fence, it is recommended to inlay zinc after welding, and then PVC, with a solid structure and corrosion resistance.


358 Security Fence—The Ultimate FAQ Guide



What is the 358 security fence?

358 Security Fence has good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, beautiful appearance, and easy installation. Anti-climbing – Due to the high-density mesh of the 358 guardrail, it is impossible to grasp the hands and feet, which plays excellent protection against climbing. 358 Security Fence anti-shear – the wire diameter is large, the mesh is dense, making the wire cut useless. The beautiful appearance – the mesh surface is flat, two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and higher perspective.

What is a 358 security fence used for?

358 Security Fence Uses Fence, decoration, protection, and other facilities in industries such as industry, agriculture, municipalities, transportation, etc., also used in road green belt protection nets.

How To Find Reliable 358 security fence Manufacturers In China?

  1. Google search. google search 358 security fence, manufacturer
  2. Recommended by your industry trade association
  3. Online directories of overseas manufacturers, such as Global Sources and Alibaba
  4. International trade shows. While there are trade shows in China where you can meet manufacturers, a better place to start is attending U.S. trade shows that attract Chinese manufacturers.
  5. China Fence Hardware Exhibition.
  6. Baidu search and more. 

How to send a 358 security fence for transportation from China to the USA?

Australia Temporary fences are usually at sea. Of course, if you have urgent items that require small batches, you can also send them by air or express.

No matter what method of transportation is used, our freight forwarders will provide professional services to ensure that the goods arrive at your location in a timely and smooth manner.

How many days does it take to transport the peach post fence from China to abroad?

Generally, 5-10 days if the goods are in stock or 15-20 days if not in stock, according to the quantity you buy.

Are you a 358 security fence factory? Or a trading company?

We have an actual fence factory and a trading department, mainly producing and selling wire mesh products.

Do you provide samples? Is it free?

Yes, We can provide samples for free (not including shipping).

Yes. According to your request.

Can I visit your fence factory in china before the order?

Sure, welcome to visit our factory.

Please inform me of your flight time, and we will pick you up at our nearby airport, then drive to our factory for visiting.

Can I customize the 358 security fence?

Yes, we can produce according to your design drawings and actual needs.

Do you have quality guaranteed?

A 15-year Quality Guarantee covers all our sculptures.



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