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باعتبارها واحدة من الشركات الرائدة في تصنيع السياج المؤقت في الصين، يمكن لشركة Anlonfence توقيع اتفاقية عدم الإفشاء معك قبل إرسال ملفات CAD. قبل التسليم، سنقوم باختبار السياج المؤقت حوالي 5 مرات. بعد الانتهاء من تقرير اختبار السياج، سوف نرسل تقرير اختبار مؤقت للسياج للحصول على موافقتك

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إذا كان مشروعك أو إنتاجك الجديد يحتاج إلى إنشاء سياج مؤقت في أستراليا، فإن Anlonfence سيكون خيارك الأفضل لصنع سياج مؤقت هنا.

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Gabions Mattresses and Reno Mattresses are used for a range of solutions in both geotechnical and hydraulic disciplines. For over one hundred years, the modern Maccaferri gabion as we know it today has been successfully implemented on many projects in Australia and around the world, from robust structures on mine sites to intricate architectural features in parklands.
Although on the surface, the gabion concept may be a simple one, they are, in fact, highly engineered systems where gabions mattresses must adopt specific performance criteria during the design phase to achieve the required outcome.

Application of Gabion Mattresses:

Gabion Mattresses/Reno mattresses are permanent erosion control in channels, stream banks, spillways, and stable slopes from surficial erosion. The stone confinement within the units allows for higher shear stress resistance than the riprap. Gabion Mattresses can use soil bioengineering techniques to promote vegetation in the gabion mats to provide enhanced shear resistance. Other applications include highway embankments, channel linings, slopes and embankments, railway cuttings.

Gabion mattress features:

  • improve the stability of river bed slope
  • protect the river from being prevented erosion.
  • Increase the roughness coefficient of the riverbank.

Gabion mattress is also called Reno mattress. The reason that it is called Reno mattress is it is first application in the Reno River in Italy.

Gabion Mattress — The Ultimate FAQ Guide



What are the cattle panels?

Gabion mattress is also called Reno mattress. Gabion mattress is a structure made of hexagonal double twisted wire mesh. Its thickness is far thinner than the width and length of the mattress engineering components. They are filled with stones then connected into one. Reno mattresses are used for river bank and scour protection, channel linings for erosion control with the flexibility and adaptability of foundation.

Gabion mattress is a mesh basket construction with a width of 0.15 – 0.3m. Gabion mattress is mainly used for foot protection structure of river, foreshore and side slope of subgrade. It can avoid the river bank suffering from water and storm, realizes the natural convection exchange between the water body and earth mass, and achieve the ecological equilibrium. The plants on the slope increased the landscape the afforested the environment.

Gabion mattresses are divided into chambers by inserting diaphragms. All the mattress edges are selvedged with a wire of greater diameter to strengthen the Gabion mattresses.



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