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As one of the leading temporary fence manufacturers in China, Anlonfence can sign an NDA with you before sending CAD files. Before delivery, we will test the temporary fence about 5 times. After completing the fence test report, we will send a temporary fence test report for your approval

Send us your project requirements, and we will provide you with the best temporary fence solution according to your detailed requirements.

Anlonfence is a Professional Manufacturer of Temporary Fence

If your new project or production needs to make Australia temporary fence, Anlonfence will be your best choice for making temporary fences here.

Anlonfence is one of the best temporary fence suppliers. All our production processes have strict quality inspections. We will provide competitive prices according to your project.

Anlonfence will work with our professional engineer team to provide you with professional advice based on your project needs. If you are in the design and preparation stage, then Anlonfence will 100% support your Australian temporary fence plan.

Just email us or call us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

  • Material: low carbon steel.
  • Surface treatment: PVC coated, powder coated, galvanized, painted.
  • Common color: yellow, orange, green, blue, red.
  • Frame pipe shape: square or round.
  • Packaging
AU/NZ Temporary Fence
Panel Size1.8*2.2m, 1.8*2.4m, 2.1*2.4m, 2.1*2.7m or as request
Wire Diameter3.2mm, 3.5mm, 4mm or as request
Opening Size50x50mm, 50x150mm  60*150mm  100x200mm
Frame OD32mm, 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, 48mm
Frame Thickness1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm
Surface TreatmentHot dipped galvanized wire/pipe + painted silver color
Black wire/pipe + hot dipped galvanized
Plastic feet size560*240*130mm, 600*220*150mm or 610*230*150mm
ConnectionRegular fence accessories ,clips
Frame Thickness1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm
All sizes can customized according to your request


1.The fence can be customized according to your required if above specification is not satisfied with you.

2.Customized color and size are available, OEM orders are welcomed!

Benefits of Anlonfence™ Australia Temporary Fence

  • High strength and safety.
  • Prevent theft and vandalism.
  • Easy and fast to install and uninstall.
  • Movable with detachable feet.
  • Light weight.
  • Good applicability even though on rugged ground.
  • Available to connect with other fences.
  • Various colors for choice.
  • Bright color with aesthetic effect.
  • Anti-harsh environments.
  • Anti-acid and alkali.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Durable and long service life.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Flexible to fit specific applications.

Australia Temporary Fence—The Ultimate FAQ Guide



What is a temporary fence?

Temporary fencing is a free standing, self-supporting fence panel, the panels are held together with couplers that interlock panels together making it portable and flexible for a wide range of applications. A common type of temporary fencing is Heras fencing.

Fence panels are supported with counter-weighted feet, have a wide variety of accessories including gates, handrails, feet and bracing depending on the application. Fence panels are commonly constructed of either chain link or weld mesh.

Temporary fences are mainly suitable for temporary occasions such as construction sites, festivals, events, parties, competitions, etc. The fence and the fence are linked together by clips and detachable bases, so it has the characteristics of easy installation, rapid disassembly and migration.

Temporary guardrails are widely used in countries around the world, and are mostly sold to countries and regions in Europe, Australia, and the United States. Therefore, it is called German temporary fence, Australian temporary fence, Canadian temporary fence, and American temporary fence.

Temporary fences can also be called mobile fences, temporary isolation fences, and mobile safety fence nets. Temporary fence net is suitable for temporary isolation, temporary partition, and temporary enclosure. It is a highly flexible product.

(a)Temporary fences can be divided into two types from the technological point of view:1. Welded mesh temporary fence2. Woven mesh temporary fence.

 1.Welded mesh temporary fence
The main specifications are as follows: wire diameter: 3.6-6mm
Aperture: 50X200mm 75X150mm 80X160mm 100X200mm, etc.
Mesh height: 1.0-2.0m
Mesh width: 2.0-3.0m
Column: square column, round column, peach-shaped column, new anti-theft column
Surface treatment: hot zinc, dipping, spraying, sandblasting, electrostatic spraying, etc.
Color: mainly green (yellow, blue, etc.)

The above specifications, colors, etc. can also be customized according to customer needs.

 2.Woven mesh temporary fence

The main specifications are as follows: wire diameter: 1.5-4mm
Aperture: 50X50mm 60X60mm 70X70mm etc.
Mesh specifications: 1mX2m 1.5mX2m 2mX2.5m 2mx3m, etc.
Column: square column round column
Surface treatment: PVC coated hot-dip galvanized
Color: mainly green and blue.
The above specifications can be customized according to customer needs temporary fence.

(b)   Temporary fence accessories part:

1. Plastic shape (the fully enclosed plastic can be destroyed by water, sand, and cement; the core plastic is formed, and cement can be built in the hollow part;

2. Iron plate, pipe products welded round) (two clamps are fixed by the connecting piece and the plug-in inserted in the main pipe is also called the plug-in)

What is the difference between the Australia temporary fence and the Canada temporary fence?

Australia temporary fence is a kind of temporary fence constructed by galvanized wires and tubes.
According to the producing method, Australia temporary fence can be divided into welded fence and chain link fence. These fences both have galvanized wires and tubes and they are sturdy enough to protect people’s security in construction site, road closure, accident spots.

Canada Temporary Fence also named base-movable fence,cinsists of frame panel,base and clamps.
The panels often made of Galvanized wire of diameter less than 4mm,is normally installyed with 2 base.the Clamps are used to connect and stablize the panel top one to another.Easy assembly,lightweigh and perfect to temporary isolation.


Is there a limit on the height of the temporary fence?

Typically, most residential fences don’t exceed six feet. This isn’t just an aesthetic issue. Many municipalities don’t allow fences to be higher than six feet in a backyard or higher than four feet in a front yard because of visibility and safety concerns. The taller your fence is, the harder it will be for you to see cars, small children, or pets in your sightline when backing out of your driveway. We suggest that you choose a suitable Australian temporary fence and Canadian temporary fence, or consult our professional engineers.

What is the Australian Standard for temporary fencing?

The Standard for Australian temporary fencing is AS4687:2007 Temporary fencing and hoardings. This guideline describes the minimum requirements for the construction and installation of temporary fencing and temporary hoarding, with the aim of providing protection to the public (as well as workers on site). It covers temporary mesh fencing, wire fencing, how adding banner mesh or shade cloth can alter the fence’s structural integrity, as well as other details about temporary hoardings.

Guidelines for Australia temporary fencing

Usually australia temporary fencing is installed is to prevent unauthorised access to a site by those that are not inducted or who aren’t wearing correct PPE. It serves as a strong visual barrier as well as deterring thieves and vandals.

Before you install australia temporary fencing on your construction or demo site, ensure it meets the necessary Standard. This ensures that you’re getting a quality product. Then, take note of the following:

  1. Is the installation site level? Your fencing should be installed to a maximum of 3 degrees out of plumb before additional braces are required.
  2. Do you need bracing? If your fence is out of level or you intend to fix shade cloth to it, make sure it is braced as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  3. Fix it together with fittings and clamps: it’s important to use couplers or clamps to hold one fence panel to the next. Attaching the panels together in this way helps to give the fence more structural strength.
  4. Have you installed enough counterweights or temp fence feet? In high wind areas or for applications where extra bracing is required, it can be wise to use additional fence feet to hold your temp fence in place.
  5. Know your regional wind category: Australian temporary fencing manufacturers should be able to supply you with information on the best bracing for your region to allow for wind.
  6. Store it correctly: when not in use, it’s a good idea to store your australia temporary fencing in a stillage. These purpose designed racks keep fence panels neat and tidy and ensure they are stacked safely and do not pose a hazard to workers.

What is the Australian standards AS 4687-2007 – Temporary Fencing & Hoardings?

Australian Standard approved temporary fencing(MATERIALS, PRODUCTS AND COMPONENTS ):

1. Materials
  • High quality low carbon steel tube with high quality low carbon steel wire
2. Application sites
  • Commercial Construction Sites
  • Domestic Housing Sites
  • Pool construction
  • Sporting events
  • Special events
  • Concerts / Parades
  • Local Council Work Sites
  • Crowd control
3. Specifications

­   √ The most popular specification

Panel Size:    2400mm(L) x 2100mm(H)
Frame:           32mm O.D.
Infill Mesh:  4mm horizontal, 4mm vertical         150mm x 60mm spacings
Weight:         22kgs
Finish:           Hot Dipped Galvanized to Australian Standard – 42 Microns

   √ Recommended Specification

Specification of Temporary fence —— Spotted by 3-5mm diameter quality mild steel wire
Opening (mm)—— 75×75 75×100 60×150 50×50 60×60 etc
LxW (mm)      —— 2100×2400 1800×2400 2100×2900 2100×3300 etc
Frame (mm) ——25,32,38,40,42,48

4. Features

  • It can quickly and easily be installed, without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations

5. Fence Parts

  • fence panel+fence feet+ clamps

6. Producing Process

  • raw materials—welding wire panel—welding panel frame—silver spray painted—packing

Australian Standard approved temporary fencing: how is fencing tested?

Tests include a simulated climbing test to ensure the fence is secure and will protect against trespassing and unlawful entry. The fence is also subject to impact testing and a wind test which measures how much force is required to tip over the fence. The australia temporary fencing must meet minimum standards to pass these tests.

Testing for australia temporary fencing is made up of:

  •  A climbing test that ensures the fence can withstand a 65kg load hanging off it for 3 minutes
  • Impacting the fence with a 37kg weight, using 150 joules of impact energy
  • A test to ensure that vandals can’t get a foot hold, by ensuring the aperture size of the mesh does not exceed 75mm, and that the individual parts of the mesh can sustain loads
  • A wind strength test, to ensure that the fence does not overturn when exposed to high winds

How To Find Reliable Australian temporary fence Manufacturers In China?

  1. Google search. google search search fence manufacturer
  2. Recommended by your industry trade association
  3. Online directories of overseas manufacturers, such as Global Sources and Alibaba
  4. International trade shows.While there are trade shows in China where you can meet manufacturers, a better place to start is attending U.S. trade shows that attract Chinese manufacturers.
  5. China Fence Hardware Exhibition.
  6. Baidu search and more. 

Why choose anlonfence’s Australian temporary fence?

AnlonFence is a factory that produces temporary fences in China. It has 20+ years of experience in fence production. Every year, it exports a large number of temporary fence products to Australia, Canada, the United States and other countries. It has been highly recognized by all customers and given high praise. Evaluation. Anlonfence can also meet the customer’s custom fence needs. We fully comply with the customer’s specification requirements. Pursue high quality and low price, win-win cooperation, and make progress together with our customers.

What to pay attention to when choosing a temporary fence?

1. It is best to fence factories.
2. Whether it meets national regulations and actual requirements.
3. Pay attention to the height, length, mesh size, tube size and thickness of the fence.
3. Whether it is strong after installation.
4. Whether the after-sales service is excellent.

What is temporary fencing?

Temporary fencing is fencing that is used to secure an area.

While there is permanent fencing that can be used for safety and security, temporary fencing is great for people who need more flexible fencing options. Temporary fencing can also be called “mobile fencing.”

Metal fence systems are a popular way to ensure the security of an area, but there are some differences between temporary and permanent metal fencing. Permanent fencing is very robust and difficult to move once put in.

If you feel you will need to move your fencing soon after installing it, then permanent is probably not the option for you. Many people prefer temporary fencing because it is durable, but it can also be moved if necessary.

Temporary fencing can be moved over and over again while remaining intact. Temporary fencing has been known to last years.

What applications can you use temporary fencing for?

There are many reasons that you may need to move your fence often. Let’s look at some common ones.

Whether you’re securing equipment and supplies, or you need crowd control measures, temporary fencing provides an easy solution. Many temporary fences are commonly used for:

Construction sites are one of the most common places to use temporary fencing.

Since construction sites can be dangerous to passersby, it’s important to have some sort of boundary. Temporary fencing works great for construction sites because it only needs to be up until the construction is done.

When temporary fencing is used at a construction site, it can be called “construction hoarding.”

You’ve probably seen bright orange, mesh fencing around a construction site. This is attached to metal prongs that are meant to keep it around the entire construction site. Aside from the more popular bright orange fencing, construction sites also commonly use black rubber tarps.

The tarps are attached to wooden stilts that are held on by wooden staples. The tarp covers the entire workspace.

Another common use for temporary fencing is at outdoor events.

There are so many events that require a temporary fence. Concerts use temporary fences to ensure that nobody sneaks in without buying tickets. Along with keeping out any guests who haven’t paid, these fences are used for crowd control.

A temporary fence between the crowd and the stage is essential for the safety and security of the person performing.

Temporary fencing is also used at sporting events, government events, weddings, movies (remember that red velvet rope?), and movie sets. Basically any place where the general public needs to be separated from an event that’s happening requires the use of a temporary fence.

A temporary fence that many of us forget about are baby gates.

If you’ve been the parent of a little one, you know that you can’t take your eyes off of them for more than a second. Babies and toddlers are known for getting into anything they can, which is why safety fences or “baby gates” are a necessity.

Baby gates are considered temporary fences because they can be set up and moved all around the house. Hanging out in the living room? You can set up a baby gate at the entryway and keep them in.

Need to keep them in their playroom but you need to see them? Baby gates are perfect for this. Temporary fences for children can either be set up for longer periods of time or moved daily to fit your needs.

Longer-term baby gates usually have a door with a child-proof lock which allows you to enter and leave the room.

There are also temporary fences that work well for containing pets.

While a fenced-in backyard leans more on the side of permanent fencing, there are plenty of options for temporary fencing. There are fences that form a circle, square, or rectangle which keeps your pet confined to a small area.

These fences are very useful for keeping puppies from running rampant.

Or, if you don’t have a fenced-in yard at your house, you can connect several of these little fences together. This way your pet can have some time to play outside without you worrying about them running off!

Now that we know what temporary fencing is commonly used for, what are the different types?

We’ve all seen them, the white picket fence around the yard of a home. These fences are great for keeping children and pets in a yard, as well as intruders out of the yard.

Bike rack barricades are primarily used at events that require crowd control. These can be used at sporting events, marathons, or even concerts.

Chain link fences are commonly used at events like carnivals.

These fences are used for lines or around the perimeter of the rides for safety purposes. Chain link fences can also be used at construction sites.

Mojo barricades are commonly used at events.

These barricades are made from aluminum. The aluminum provides security by having a strong, sturdy feel. They are also lightweight so they can be easily moved from place to place.

Mojo barricades are often used for crowd control when something stronger than a bike barricade or cow gate is needed.


How to send temporary fences for transportation from China to Australia?

Australia Temporary fences are usually at sea. Of course, if you have urgent items that require small batches, you can also send them by air or express.

No matter what method of transportation is used, our freight forwarders will provide professional services to ensure that the goods arrive at your location in a timely and smooth manner.

How many days does it take for the Australian temporary fence to be transported from China to abroad?

Generally 5-10 days if the goods are in stock or 15-20 days if not in stock, and according to the quantity you buy.

Are you a real fence factory? Or a trading company?

We have both real fence factory and trading department, mainly produce and sell wire mesh products.

Do you provide samples? Is it free?

Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but the cost of freight is not included.

Yes. According to your request.

Can I have a visit to your fence factory in china before the order?

Sure,welcome to visit our factory.

Please inform me your flight time, we will pick you up at our nearby airport, then drive to our factory for visiting.

Can I customize Australia temporary fencing

Yes, we can produce according to your design drawings and actual needs.

Do you have quality guaranteed?

All our sculptures are covered by 15-year Quality Guarantee.


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