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As one of China’s leading Barbed Wire fence manufacturers, Anlonfence can sign an NDA with you before sending CAD files. Before delivery, we will test the Barbed Wire fence about five times. After completing the fence test report, we will send a Barbed Wire fence test report for your approval.

Send us your project requirements, and we will provide you with the best Barbed Wire fence solution according to your exact needs.

Anlonfence is a Professional Manufacturer of Barbed Wire

If your new project or production needs to make a Barbed Wire fence, Anlonfence will be your best choice for making Barbed Wire fences here.

Anlonfence is one of the best Barbed Wire fence suppliers, and All our production processes have strict quality inspections; We will provide competitive prices according to your project.

Anlonfence will work with our professional engineer team to provide you with professional advice based on your project needs. In the design and preparation stage, Anlonfence will 100% support your Barbed Wire fence plan.

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Material: Materials: Q195 and Q235 or high tensile steel wire
Tratamento da superfície: Hot-dipped Galvanized, Electro galvanized, and PVC coated
Tensile Strength:

  • Soft: 380–550 N/mm2
  • High tensile: 800–1200 N/mm2

Package: Pallet package and bulk package

Galvanized barbed wire
 Wire Diameter(BWG)Length(meters) per Kg
Barb distance3”Barb distance4”Barb distance5”Barb space6”
12 x 126.066.757.277.63
12 x 147.337.908.308.57
12.5 x 12.56.927.718.308.72
12.5 x 148.108.819.229.562
13 x 137.988.899.5710.05
13 x 148.849.6810.2910.71
13.5 x 149.6010.6111.4711.85
14 x 1410.4511.6512.5413.17
14.5 x 14.511.9813.3614.3715.10
15 x 1513.8915.4916.6617.50
15.5 x 15.515.3417.1118.4019.33


PVC Coated barbed wire
  Diâmetro do fioBarbs’ distanceBarb length
Before coatingAfter coating 75mm – 150mm 15mm – 30mm
1.0mm – 3.5mm1.4mm – 4.0mm
BWG20 – BWG11BWG17 – BWG8
PVC coating thickness: 0.4mm-0.6mm; different colors or lengths are available at the customer’s request


1. Good corrosion-resistant performance even in moist environments.
2. Easy for installation.
3. Good isolation and protection performance.
4. Can be used with various wire mesh fences, such as chain-link fences, welded wire fences, and palisade fences.
5. Economical and effective protection measures.

Barbed wire is a kind of modern security fencing material, Barbed wire can be installed as a deterrent to the perimeter intruders with piecing and cutting razor blades mounted at the top of the wall. Galvanized barbed wire offers great protection against corrosion and oxidation caused by the atmosphere. Its high resistance allows greater spacing between the fencing posts. It is used for grass boundary, railway, highway isolation protection.

Barbed Wire — The Ultimate FAQ Guide



What is the Barbed Wire?

The barbed wire is twisted from a fully automated barbed wire machine. Finished product type: single wire twist and double wire twist.

Wire Materials: high-quality steel wire (Electro galvanized, Hot dip galvanized, PVC coated), and PVC wire in blue, green, yellow, and other colors. The core wire of PVC wire can be galvanized wire or black wire.

Characteristics: anti-corrosion,anti-ageing,solarization resistance,durable,etc.

Applications: Barbed wire is mainly used in protecting grass boundary, railway, highway, nation defense, airport, orchard, etc. It has an excellent protective performance, beautiful appearance, various patterns.

Barbed wire (also called barb wire) is a kind of wire that is used to make cheap fences. It has sharp metal points(barbs), which make climbing over it painful.

Strand structure of barbed wire
Barbed wire can be divided into single-strand barbed wire and double-strand barbed wire.
* Single strand barbed wire. It has the simplest structure, which contains single-strand and barbs. Compared with the double-strand barbed wires, it is much more economical and lighter weight. It is suitable for common applications. But it is easy to destroy and cut, so it is not suitable for heavy-duty applications.
* Double strand barbed wire. It is formed with two-strand wires (line wires). The barbs are twisted between the two wires and fastened onto the line wire. The double-strand barbed wire can supply higher tensile strength to prevent cutting or destroying. It is suitable for heavy-duty applications, such as prisons, military sites, and other places.

Barb structure of barbed wire
Barbs are very important for the barbed wire. The strong barbs with sharp points can resist bending. It can frighten and defend thieves and intruders. They can also contain your animals and livestock safely on your farm or ranching. The barb can be single or double wires for different applications.
* Single barb. Also known as 2-point barbed wire. It contains a single barb wire twisted on the line wire. The single barb wires are used in common applications. Or if your farms or pens have enough space for rearing animals or livestock, you can choose the single barb (2-point) barbed wire.
* Double barbs. It is also called 4-point barbed wire. Use two barb wires twisted together onto the line wire. It can supply
a greater hurt factor for your sites or ranching. It is widely used in heavy-duty applications. Or if your farms or ranches have herd pressure, you can choose the 4-point barbed wire.

Package of barbed wire
The barbed wire is commonly supplied in rolls. And there are so many barbs on the roll surface. For convenient loading, handling, and transporting, we are equipped with different handles for your choice. Additionally, it is very safe for manual operation and will not hurt people when using it.
* Steel wire roller and steel wire handle.
* Steel wire roller and plastic handle.
* Steel wire roller and wooden handle.
* Wooden roller and rope handle.
Inside the waterproof paper, outside woven bag for barbed wire, Or according to your requirements.

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