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As one of the leading Y Post fence manufacturers in China, Anlonfence can sign an NDA with you before sending CAD files. Before delivery, we will test the Y Post fence about five times. After completing the fence test report, we will send a Y Post fence test report for your approval.

Send us your project requirements, and we will provide you with the best Y Post fence solution according to your exact needs.

hinge joint fence y-post

hinge joint fence y-post

steel star picket post y post

Long-lasting and re-usable Star Shaped Steel Fence Posts, easy to handle and install.

Y Post Fence

Y posts, also named Star Picket, Star Post, are widely used to install field fences and farm fences such as cattle fences, sheep netting fences, and horse fences.

Anlonfence is a Professional Manufacturer of Y Post Fence

If your new project or production needs to make a Y Post fence, Anlonfence will be your best choice for making Y Post fences here.

Anlonfence is one of the best Y Post fence suppliers, and All our production processes have strict quality inspections. We will provide competitive prices according to your project.

Anlonfence will work with our professional engineer team to provide you with professional advice based on your project needs. In the design and preparation stage, Anlonfence will 100% support your Y Post fence plan.

Basta nos enviar um e-mail ou ligar e entraremos em contato com você o mais breve possível!

Y post with teeth details

  • Shape: Y shape with teeth.
  • Material: low carbon steel, rail steel.
  • Superfície: black bitumen coated, galvanized, PVC coated, baked enamel painted.
  • Thickness: 2–6 mm, depending on your requirements.
  • Package: 10 pieces/bundle, 50 bundles/pallet.


Y post, Star Picket


Y post steel fence features its three-pointed star-shaped cross-section. The tapered ends make it easy to be installed and the plain head is engineered for easy hammering the post into the ground. Due to its high quality and stability, it is popular with most Australians, New Zealand. 

Advantage of Australia Y post fence 
This kind of fence post enjoys an improved rate of 30% in its mechanical property and physical property compared with common steel posts with the same section size;
Have a nice appearance. Easily used, with a low cost;
Long service life.

Y Post Fence — The Ultimate FAQ Guide



What is the Y Post Fence?

Y posts are also named Star Picket, Star Post, Metal Picket, Steel Picket, etc. This style of steel posts in cross-section form a three-pointed star. Holes are pre-drilled along the length of the post to allow wires to be attached to the picket for fixing to Metal Fence. Y posts are widely used in installing temporary fences and field fencing products such as cattle fences, sheep netting fences, and security fences.
We supply two major corrosion-resistant treatments: Galvanized steel and bitumen-coated steel Y star pickets.

Products Application
For protective wire mesh fencing of express highway and express railway;
1. For field/ farm fencing of cattle farms, horse farms, goat farms;
2. For the security of forestry and forestry source protection;
3. For isolation and protecting husbandry and water sources;
4. Fencing posts for gardens, roads, and houses.


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